Diamond prices

Diamond prices and quality factors


There are many factors that decide the value of a diamond. And the biggest difference in values is decided by factors that is not visible to the naked eye. Therefor buying diamonds is a matter of trust and not least a lot of knowledge.

And this is where I can help. You can read more about the factors that influence on a diamonds value here.

As a Gemologist and diamond dealer, I have not only knowledge about diamond grading but also movements in market prices. I travel the world and buy diamonds on behalf of my customers for below official wholesale prices. My prices to you are the same, whether you are a private person in need of a diamond for your engagement ring or if you are an investor or a jeweller.

I don’t have a large stock of diamonds, but purchase only on pre-orders from my customers.

When I receive a request for a diamond I examine my network of 100-thousands of diamonds and travel then to investigate the diamond, no matter if the diamond is placed In Hong Kong, USA, Antwerpen or any other place.

Expensive diamonds is always purchased with a well-known certificate, like GIA or HDR. Lesser valuable diamonds, where the cost to travel to the diamonds, are only purchased directly from Diamondtaires I trust and have done business with in the past.

Contact me for a quote. My offers are often less than 50% of retail prices.


Follow this link see your price and price examples on sold diamonds


Troels Olivero